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    1. HFF6137K86 Passenger Coach Overall Dimension (mm):13700×2550×3950
      Seats Capacity: 57+1+1
      Max. Speed (km/h): 125 ...
    1. HFF6140WK07D Passenger Coach Overall Dimension (mm): 13700×2550×3950
      Seats Capacity: 42(41)+1+1
      Max. Speed (km/h): 125 ...
    1. HFF6125WK79 Passenger Coach Overall Dimension (mm): 12000×2500×3950
      Seats Capacity: 36+1+1, 35+1+1
      Max. Speed (km/h): 125 ...
    1. HFF6121K35 Passenger CoachOverall Dimension (mm): 12000×2500×3420
      Seats Capacity: 45+1+1
      Max. Speed (km/h): 125 ...
    1. HFF6121K82D Passenger BusOverall Dimension (mm): 12000×2530,2500×3680,3520
      Seats Capacity: 53-55
      Fuel Tank(L): 400
    1. HFF6850K57 Passenger Bus Overall Dimension (mm): 8490×2400×3310
      Fuel Tank(L): 200
      Transmission: QJ805/CA5-85/CA6-85
    1. HFF6122GZ-4 City Bus Profile Dimension(c): 12000×2550×3100,3250
      Wheel Base(mm): 6100
      Track Space (mm): 2096,2020/1836
    1. HFF6111G64C City Bus Overall Dimension(mm): 11220, 11350×2500, 2550×3040, 3240, 3465
      Wheel Base(mm): 5700
      Track Space (mm): 2020/1830
    1. HFF6100G39C City Bus Overall Dimension (mm): 10320, 10420×2500×2930, 3140, 3250
      Wheelbase (mm): 5000
      Track Space (mm): 2020, 2096/1830
    1. HFF6122GK88 24-48 Seat Tourist Bus Overall Dimension (mm): 11770×2500×3180, 2900
      Wheelbase (mm): 6000
      Track Space (mm): 2096(2046)/1830
    1. HFF6100LK10D 45 Seat Tourist Bus Overall Dimension (mm): 11490×2500×3520
      Max. Speed (km/h): 115
      Fuel Tank(L): 300
    1. HFF6941GZ-5 38 Seat Tourist Bus Overall Dimension (mm): 9430X2500X3140
      Wheelbase (mm): 4500
      Track Space (mm): 1940, 1800
    1. HFF6127K46EV Commercial Bus Overall Dimension (mm): 12000×2550×3780, 3550
      Wheelbase (mm): 6080
      Track Space (mm): 2070, 2064/1860, 1824
    1. HFF6122G03EV Electric Bus Overall Dimension (mm): 12000×2550×3150
      Wheelbase (mm): 6100
      F/R Overhang (mm): 2620/3280
    1. HFF6121G03EV Electric City Bus Overall Dimension (mm): 12000×2550×3300, 3100
      Wheelbase (mm): 6100
      Track Space (mm): 2096/1840
    1. HFF6121G03SHEV Hybrid Transit Bus Overall Dimension (mm): 12000×2550×3150, 2970
      Wheelbase (mm): 6000
      Track Space (mm) 2096/1836
    1. HFF6120G03PHEV Hybrid Electric Bus Overall Dimension (mm): 12000×2550×3170,2950
      Wheelbase (mm): 6100
      Track Space (mm): 2104/1847
    1. HFF6100D18 10m Bus Chassis Engine Location and Driving Motion: Rear engine 4*2
      Overall Dimension L*W: 10216*2200mm
      Wheel Base: 5000mm
    1. 13.7m CoachEngine Position and Driving Motion:Rear engine 6×2
      Dimension (mm):13700×2550×3850
      Wheel Base (mm):6600+1500
    1. 10-12m Coach Engine Position and Driving Motion:Rear engine 4×2
      Dimension (mm):12000×2500×3720
      Wheel Base (mm):6080 ...
    1. 8-9m CoachEngine Position and Driving Motion:Rear engine 4×2
      Dimension (mm):8990×2500×3350
      Wheel Base (mm):4300
    1. HFF6123D29 12m Bus Chassis Engine Position and Driving Motion:Rear engine 4×2
      Dimension (mm):11810×2380
      Wheel Base (mm):6060
    1. HFF6872D22 Bus Chassis Engine Position and Driving Motion:Rear engine 4×2
      Dimension (mm):85906×2300
      Wheel Base (mm):4250
    1. HFF6112D32 Bus ChassisDimension (mm):10610×2400
      Wheel Base (mm):5550
      Max. Speed (km/h):104
    1. HFF6100D16 Bus ChassisEngine Position and Driving Motion:Rear engine 4×2
      Dimension (mm):8150×2380
      Wheel Base (mm):4000
    1. Group Bus This product is usually used as charter bus and shuttle bus. In addition, it can also be used by enterprises to carry their staff members.
      Our group bus is designed on the basis of JAC luxury bus ...
    1. New Energy Bus, Hybrid BusBecause our new energy bus utilizes solid JAC chassis and strengthened front, rear axles, it can accommodate any road conditions, giving passengers a safe and comfortable ride ...
    1. Front Engine BusAs its name suggests, our front engine bus is configured with an engine in the front, which is easier to maintain than rear engine bus. This bus utilizes JAC chassis for superior reliability ...
    1. RHD BusThey are ergonomically designed, adopt durable JAC chassis and luxury seats, feature spacious interior, reasonable layout, aesthetic appearance, and meet related EU emission standards ...
    1. 6-7M BusJAC Coaches Company is a major passenger bus manufacturer, located in China. Established in 1949, we have accumulated over 60 years of experience in the production of buses ...
    1. 8-9M BusAs an ISO9001 certified passenger coach manufacturer in China, we at JAC supply a wide range of quality products, such as public transport bus, commuter bus, school bus, and more. These products are available in ...
    1. 10-12M BusAs a specialized bus manufacturer and supplier, we at JAC are dedicated to providing superior passenger buses to global customers. As a result of our efforts, we are ISO9001 certified, and are able to produce high quality ...
    1. 8M BusBesides 8M bus, we also offer 10M bus, 12M bus, etc., in order to suit your different requirements. Because our products are reliable, long lasting, economical and 3C approved ...
    1. 10M BusJAC Coaches Company is an ISO9001 certified passenger bus manufacturer, located in China. In addition to 10M tour bus, we can also offer public transport bus, school bus and commuter bus ...
    1. 12M BusThis product page shows four types of our 12M bus, which are primarily used as motor coach. With a large bearing capacity, our 12M bus is the product of choice for tour operators worldwide ...
    1. Star BusBy making full use of JAC Group resources, we successfully integrate chassis, engine and bus body. The integrated design helps make our Star bus more reliable and lighter ...
    1. City Bus Based on JAC small chassis technological advantages and years of market research results, we have designed City series bus, which is ideal for use in many countries and regions ...
    1. Coaster BusHK6700 Coaster bus comes with JAC HFC6700KAYZ chassis, and is manufactured using internationally advanced precise welding technique, electrostatic spraying process ...
    1. Best BusThis type of bus is manufactured using an independent production line, operated by over 100 highly trained workers, who are in charge of welding, coating and assembly processes ...
    1. Good Luck Bus1. Streamline front design results in low wind resistance, meeting Oriental aesthetic standard
      2. The utilization of ECER-66 compliant integral type stamped body ...
    1. 8 Series Bus Our 8 series bus uses JAC large size chassis and Ankai 153 axles.
      Sidewall skin adopts prestressed skin for good flatness.
      The front wall, side window are all created by panoramic tempered glass ...
    1. 50 Seat BusWith over 60 years of experience, we at JAC can fulfill all your bus needs, whether you are looking for passenger bus, motor coach, school bus, or public bus. To ship customers their orders quickly ...