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15-20 Seat Bus

    1. HK6608KSeats: 15+1 (10-19)
      Steering: Power Steering
      A/C: 10000W

Welcome to the website of JAC Coaches Company. This page shows our 15 to 20 seat buses, which mainly are our mini buses. These products can carry more passengers than minivans, but fewer passengers than full size buses.

At JAC, we can also offer 21 to 50 seat bus, in addition to 15 to 20 seat bus. Manufactured using JAC solid chassis, Hyundai bus production technology and imported key equipment, our buses are reliable, durable, fuel efficient, and thus are widely used as city bus, motor coach, school bus, and more.

Our company are ISO9001, ISO/TS16949 certified, and have customers in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Russia, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Libya, Singapore, Malaysia, Peru, etc.
If you are interested in our buses, we welcome you to contact us!

Other Products
    1. HK6668KSeats: 23+1 (24, 24-26)
      Engine: YC4F115-20/4DA1-2B2
      Emission: Euro II/Euro III
    1. HK6738KOverall Dimensions (mm): 7280×2240×2795 (2995/3095)
      Seats: 23+1 (24-30, 24-25 dual door)
      A/C: 15000W
    1. HK6700K3 Commuter BusSeats: 21+1 (15-23)
      Emission: Euro III
      A/C: 14000W