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Good Luck Bus

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Welcome to our website! If you are in search of a reliable, fuel efficient bus, JAC Good Luck bus is the ideal choice for you. Developed on the basis of Fuel Saver HK6124, our Good Luck bus uses no more than 24L fuel per 100Km.

1. Streamline front design results in low wind resistance, meeting Oriental aesthetic standard
2. The utilization of ECER-66 compliant integral type stamped body not only improves vehicle strength, but also reduces body weight
3. Galvanizing treatment enhances vehicle rustproof performance
4. The adoption of unique three-section chassis structure enables the whole body to bear load, greatly improving vehicle safety performance
5. It can safely run for millions of hours, under strict working conditions
6. It is designed, made and tested in accordance with related EU standards

JAC Coaches Company, a bus manufacturer in China, has accumulated decades of manufacturing experience. To satisfy each customers needs, we offer an extensive line of products, including mini bus, RHD bus, front engine bus, new energy bus, and more. Due to their consistent quality and reliability, our products are well received in Saudi Arabia, Iran, United Arab Emirates, Russia, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Libya, Singapore, Malaysia, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Haiti, among others.
For any inquiries you have about our coach, please contact us by phone or email. Our staff looks forward to working with you.

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