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Bus (Classified by Length)

    1. 6-8m BusSeats: 15+1 (10-19)
      Steering: Power Steering
      A/C: 10000W
    1. 8-10m BusSeats: 31+1+1 (24-35)
      Engine: WP5.200E40/YC4G200-40
      Emission: Euro IV
    1. 10-12m BusSeats: 41+1+1 (24-49)
      Transmission: S6-100
      Suspension: Leaf spring

Welcome to our website! JAC Coaches Company, founded in 1949, is an experienced bus manufacturer in China. With years spent expanding our product list, now we offer a vast array of products, including public transport bus, motor coach, commuter bus, school bus, new energy bus, and more. In order to satisfy different customers demands, our coaches come in a wide range of lengths, from 6m to 12m. Accordingly, their seating capacities are also different, ranging from 15 to 50 people. Hence, customers should choose buses according to their specific requirements.

JAC buses are known for their superior reliabiltiy, great comfort and low fuel consumption. They are 3C certified, and meet the related emssion standards. So, please feel secure in purchasing and using our products.

To make our buses affordable, we at JAC constantly work to keep our production costs down. To achieve this, we introduce advanced production equipment, technologies, work with reliable raw material suppliers, and employ highly experienced staff. All these factors combined work to lower our costs, enabling us to provide our city bus, tour bus and school bus at economical prices. Thats why our products are so popular in Iran, Russia, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Libya, Singapore, Malaysia, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, etc.
Please dont hesitate to contact us for more detailed information. We are confident that you will be satisfied with our buses.

Other Products
    1. HK6910G City BusOverall Dimensions (mm): 9100×2420×3070 (3170)
      Seats: 27+1 (15-36)
      A/C: 24000W
    1. HK6940G City BusSeats: 27+1 (15-41)
      Engine: YC6J220-30
      Tyre: 9.00R20