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HFF6121G03SHEV Hybrid Transit Bus

 Hybrid Transit Bus

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Model HFF6110G03PHEV
Overall Dimension (mm) 12000×2550×3150, 2970
Wheelbase (mm) 6000
Track Space (mm) 2096/1836
F/R Overhang (mm) 2620/3380
Kerb Mass (kg) 11580, 11980
Maximum Total Mass (kg) 17500
Max. Speed (km/h) 70
Power System
Engine YC4G180-40
Motor 1PV5138
Energy Storing Device Lithium manganese battery, 24AH/650V
Controller EVCU
Rated Power(kw) 85
Max. Torque(N.M) 530
Transmission None
Rear Axle ZF
Front Axle ZF
Suspension ZF air suspension
Steering System ZF8098
Brake System Disc front/ rear with ABS
Tyre 275/70R22.5
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