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21-30 Seat Bus

    1. HK6668KSeats: 23+1 (24, 24-26)
      Engine: YC4F115-20/4DA1-2B2
      Emission: Euro II/Euro III
    1. HK6738KOverall Dimensions (mm): 7280×2240×2795 (2995/3095)
      Seats: 23+1 (24-30, 24-25 dual door)
      A/C: 15000W
    1. HK6700K3 Commuter BusSeats: 21+1 (15-23)
      Emission: Euro III
      A/C: 14000W
    1. HK6700Y Commuter BusOverall Dimensions (mm): 7005×2050×2650 (2730/2790)
      Seats: 21+1 (10-23)
      Engine: JM495QF-III
    1. HFC6700JK4 Commuter BusSeats: 21+1 (10-23)
      Emission: Euro V
      Tyre: 7.00R16
    1. HK6750K Commuter BusSeats: 21+1 (22-29)
      Brake System: Air Brake
      Steering: Power Steering
    1. HK6789H Motor CoachOverall Dimensions (mm): 7805×2450×3180 (3326)
      Engine: WP5.180E40/YC4G180-40
      Tyre: 8R22.5

Thank you for visiting our website! JAC Coaches Company, founded in 1949, is an experienced bus manufacturer in China. The products shown here are our 21-30 seat buses, which come in diverse lengths, colors and styles, to suit your various requirements. Due to their reliable quality, smooth running, and reliable performance, our products are highly sought after by customers from Saudi Arabia, Iran, Russia, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Libya, Singapore, Malaysia, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Haiti, among others.

At JAC, we have constantly striven to expand our product list. Now we offer customers a wide range of public transport bus, motor coach, mini bus, commuter bus, etc., with lengths ranging from 5.6 to 12M, and seats from 10 to 55.
Located in Hefei, we have easy acess to convenient transportation, in addition to local raw material suppliers. This greatly reduces our production costs, contributing to our low prices. Of course, customers shipping costs can also be reduced.
If you have any questions, please contact us. Our technical and sales staff will answer your questions promptly.

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