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31-40 Seat Bus

Thanks for your visit to our website! This product page shows customers our 31-40 seat buses, which contain motor coach, city bus, hybrid bus, etc. Please click on the specific product you are interested in to get more detailed information.

As a bus manufacturer with decades of experience, we are able to offer a comprehensive line of buses, with lengths ranging from 5.6 to 12M, and seats from 10 to 55. Manufactured using our extensive experience, JAC solid chassis and advanced equipment, our products are high quality, economically priced, and so are in great demand in Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa, Central and South America.
If you would like to know more about our products, please contact us directly.

Other Products
    1. HFC6108H Commuter BusOverall Dimensions (mm): 10490×2500×3550 (3620)
      Seats: 41+1+1 (24-49)
      A/C: 26000W
    1. HK6119H Motor CoachOverall Dimensions (mm): 10990×2500×3620
      Seats: 43+1+1 (24-60, 24-62)
      A/C: 26000W