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Commuter Bus

We at JAC are an experienced commuter bus manufacturer in China. Our commuter bus is primarly used by enterprises to take staff home after work at night and collect them in the morning. It usually operates on a specific timetable and regular urban or suburban bus routes. Our commuter bus can also be used as a city bus to transport passengers between fixed locations. Our most commuter buses are full size motor buses. However, minibuses are also available. As they are elegant, reliable, fuel efficient, environmentally friendly, comfortable and safe to use, our commuter buses are very popular in many countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, Russia, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Libya, Singapore, Malaysia, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, to name a few.

Thank you for visiting our website! If you are searching for a motor coach, school bus, or group bus, we at JAC can also fulfill your needs. Manufactured using superior materials, spare parts, and advanced production equipment, our products are high quality, so you can feel secure in purchasing them.
Please dont hesitate to contact us for more detailed information. We are confident that you will be satisfied with our products.

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