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Bus (Classified by Type)

    1. Motor CoachSeats: 31+1+1 (24-35)
      Engine: WP5.200E40/YC4G200-40
      Emission: Euro IV
    1. Mini BusSeats: 15+1 (10-19)
      Steering: Power Steering
      A/C: 10000W
    1. Commuter Bus Our commuter bus is primarly used by enterprises to take staff home after work at night and collect them in the morning. It usually operates on a specific timetable and regular urban or suburban bus routes.
    1. School BusA school bus is a motor vehicle used for carrying students to and from school and school events. It is usually equipped with a variety of warning and safety devices, like safety belts and vedio cameras.
    1. City BusSeats: 21+1 (15-29)
      Steering: Power Steering
      A/C: 16000W
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